KT Floodgate

KT Floodgate is designed to block and prevent flood waters from flowing into below ground slopping arcades, public facilities, building basements and especially underground car parks. Our floodgate system can also be use to control floodwater flows at the upstream or downstream of land clearing and construction sites too.

In our floodgate, the seal is designed to use only high grade EPDM seal ehich have the strength and the material properties that is highly resistant to UV radiation, high temperature and humidity, strong acids and also microbial attacks. Our floodgate seal mountings is also design for easy maintenance and replacement works.

All our floodgate structures are designed to withstand the impact force of flood water pressures, that can lead to structural and leakage failures. Our water leakage control unit is designed under the BS7775:05 standard requirements.

  • Heavy Duty structure design
  • High impact resistance
  • Stainless Steel sealing faces
  • All flood control applications
  • More than 30 years service life design

KT Floodgate system can reduce the threat of floodwater damages. Can be customized and installed at any openings leading to below ground and basement facilities.
All our gates are engineered to take high water pressure from one side with overflow system on the other.
The gate is a flat aluminium skin plate with all the structural members,welded into rib construction, for rigidity purposed and to prevent maximum support for the base plate to withstand against water pressure and any impact force caused by the floodwaters.
All our gate supportive structures are designed with sound engineering calculations.

Gate operation are controlled automatically by highly effective water level sensors where located at nearest sump with pipe connected to the main draining system at that area. Programmable logic controlling system is installing for smart and effective flood controlling demand. Electrical operated AC gear motor with manual overwrite feature is used as safety feature on operation during power failure.

KT Floodgate provides you the flexibility to design to suit your building design requirement. Our professional teams are able to select the best floodgate design in various gate operating and mounting method to perfect match your building condition with no tolerate to the performance. This will minimize your building modification works to save the construction cost.


  • Double safety object sensor is installed at front and back of the floodgate to detect any object stoppage at the gate operating area to prevent any hitting happen.

  • Alarm & Revolving light alert signal is given during the flooding and gate operation to alert the building operator and user to alert the flood condition.

  • Condition Signal indicator is given on water level condition and floodgate open/close position to tell the operator the actual condition of the gate. Error and System Trip signal also provided in any condition of system malfunction. Those signal also provided in dry contact for further connection to building BMS system.

  • Trapping Sensor link is located at the floodgate operation panel for building user to tell the building management who is trapping inside the building during or after the flooding incident.

  • Manual overwrite feature by authorize persons to operation operate the gate in anytime just a Master key is needed. The gate can be overwriting in pre-flooding condition or during maintenance. In the condition of power failure, the gate can still been operated by using manual power handwheel incase needed.

Overview of Floodgate
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